The Rise of the Blogger Celeb

From the time I decided to match my passion for food with my interest in media I have always found it intriguing how popular people’s public (…try saying that three times fast) love for food has become in recent years. The peculiar concept of people’s love for food becoming so prevalent on the Internet has been a recurring topic throughout my blog posts and I am still yet to solve the mystery. This query has me pondering if people were always this into their food before the Internet age or if this is just a passing fad.

Although there have been great chefs for centuries jotting their culinary creations down on scraps of paper to serve as instructional guides for the masses, what we witness today is different. The food

blogger, a creation molded out of the ease and excitement the Internet offers

the ordinary citizen, has risen to enormous numbers.

So many people today are creating novel cuisine ideas, braving unique exotic foods and going out to explore new restaurants…and then going home to their laptops to write about them in great lengths. It is these blog posts that allow people to live vicariously through the food adventures of another and have given rise to the term known as ‘Food Porn’.

But who are the creators, the authors and the daring adventurers? Ordinary citizens. Ordinary people whose culinary skill set ranges from novice to expert. These citizen bloggers are devoting a lot of time and effort with little to no pay and rarely any recognition. So what ex

actly is fueling these authors? Is it their pure passion for food, and if so, was this passion always present even before the Internet?

Was it not the lazy and unenthused American public only a few decades back that led to the rise of the fast food drive through and the TV dinner? Where then, is the spark

behind the thousands upon thousands of food blogs coming from today and when did this 180-degree turn take place?

Perhaps it is our current obsession with eating healthy, organic and freshly cooked foods. Or maybe the visual aids paired with step-by-step instructions on the Internet made food more enticing as well as accessible to the public. After all it is a known fact that we eat with our eyes first and mouths second.

Author Aaron Hooper discusses what he believes gives food blogs their vitality in his article, “Food Porn: The Rise of The Food Blog”. He states, “The true beauty of the blog is also the fact that we are given the unsolicited, completely honest views of the blogger/author. These are not overly paid, biased, bought and paid for food critic’s views, these are the real life opinions of food given by enthusiasts themselves.” He continues, “We are invited into their world and seated with them at the table of these fantastic restaurants by virtue of their words and photos”.

I think the article “Food for Thought”, which is ironically the name of my other food blog, gets it right when it asks, “What’s the deal with social media and the fetishisation of food?”


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