Foodies in the Age of Pinterest

The Internet has brought the masses many things. Along side access to invaluable knowledge and resources, the Internet has also brought to people the sense of desire. If it were not for the Internet certain ideas, perspectives and desires would have not been planted and allowed to grow in the minds of users. In today’s blog I discuss the desire to create and eat. The World Wide Web has sparked many things, but it is not often that people would connect the web to sparking hunger.

In today’s blog I discuss how such websites such as Stumble Upon and its 2.0 version, Pinterest, have inspired users to get off of their laptops and go into their kitchens. Pinterests’ great success as a website has been attributed to the fact of its ease of use. Being a new member, I have witnessed this first hand. Installing the ‘Pin It’ button to one’s bookmark bar takes a matter of seconds. The next thing you know you’re ‘pinning’ all over the place. Producing the actual content that a user might ‘pin’ to their ‘boards’ is equally as easy. In terms of the food section, all you have to do is throw together yesterday’s leftovers in an appealing manner on a plate, take an instagram-ed photograph, upload and voila! This easy two way dynamic has opened up the world of food to anyone, sparking creativity and inspiration for the foodie in us all.

The recipes are created by regular people for regular people, and no culinary degree is needed. The recipes usually provide out of the box cooking ideas and fun decorating tips that most people would not have thought of on their own. I personally think these websites are fantastic and I will often peruse my Pinterest food section when looking for an extra creative idea for a friend’s birthday, or just while making dinner and having the desire to try something new.

In this Search Engine Watch article “Modern Social Bookmarking- Not Your Older Brother’s Social Bookmark of Years Past” the author discusses how certain food companies have created a plan for success by utilizing Pinterest. The author gives the company Whole Foods as an example, “Whole Foods is an organic food company with brick-and-mortar retail stores. It has had great success on Pinterest. Whole Foods built scrapbooks for followers around recipes, creative holiday projects, kitchen designs, and eco-friendly practices.”

The article “Pinterest for Food Brands, Startups, & Organizations” by Danielle Gould found in Forbes magazine discusses the phenomenon already illustrated. “It’s social, visual, viral, and easy to use, which are just some of the reasons why brands like Whole FoodsFood52ChobaniSustainable Table (GRACE Communications Foundation), Cabot Cheese, and now Food+Tech Connect are flocking to Pinterest.” Perhaps one of the reasons so many food blogs, companies and recipes appear on such websites is that they were the first to realize the power in websites such as Pinterest.

By no means are such websites only being utilized by foodies. Pinterest is an outlet for a plethora of specialty interests that can range anywhere from technology to pets and furniture (just to name a few). I am particularly excited and impressed by the activism, attention and interest in the food world that has sprouted in recent times.


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